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Photo by Andresr/iStock / Getty Images


Working with Hollee in her intuitive business consulting sessions is the first step in an adventure to kick-start your business and start creating your own success. Whether you have a career goal in mind but you're unsure how to launch, or you and your business partner need help seeing eye-to-eye, Hollee specializes in entrepreneurial efforts. With her compassionate yet no nonsense approach, Hollee's goal is to help you launch a successful business so you can double your happiness and your income.

Clients can expect: 

  • Exercises to reprogram your subconscious 

  • Manifesting and visualizing techniques 

  • Weekly step-by-step plans

  • Customized monthly goal maps

  • Held accountable: Hollee will celebrate your wins with you, and life you up so that you don't give up.

Your family and friends may cheer you on, your partner may listen to your ideas, but Hollee will continue to inspire you to live the life you dream for yourself, help you work through challenges and stay on track until you reach your goals.

Specialties include:

  • Intuitive Business Coaching

    • Work one-on-one with Hollee to find your passion and bring your ideas to life.

  • Business Partner Coaching

    • Work side-by-side with your business partner with Hollee's guidance to ensure your ideas and goals are aligned, and that the health and success of your business plans come first. 

  • Business Team Coaching

    • Bring your entire team or company together to gain the benefits of working with a coach in a workshop setting to work through any interal team issues, increase efficiency and productivity while bonding as a company.  

Intuitive Business Coaching $189 (50-minutes)