Life Coaching

What does booking your first Life Coaching session with Hollee look like and how does it work?

I'm really looking forward to connecting with you. First, we’ll begin by meeting face to face at my office in SW Portland where I will make you a fresh cup of warm tea and I'll listen to your story...Or, if you prefer and are out of town, I can call you over the phone for an in depth, full life coaching discovery session.

I'll listen to what has been challenging you: lack of passion, loss, job changes, stagnant energy, loss of focus, or maybe you just can't seem to get motivated. Or, perhaps you're tired of the old way of doing things and just need a fresh new outlook and a proven plan to support you with your new beginning. And I’ll listen to your story and I'll listen between your pauses.  Because sometimes, it is in the silence when we gather the most wisdom and ask the questions that matter most...

 To uncover:

  • Your truth

  • Your clarity

  • Your motivation

  • Your desires

  • Your happiness

And you can ask me any questions you want, because I'll be direct, clear, and compassionate with you. Understanding how you got here and knowing the fullness of your life that is waiting for you. During your first Life Coaching Session, we'll decide if coaching is a good fit for you, then we’ll set up your following sessions (hyperlink Coaching package) and start moving!  Your first session in your package will be your gift, absolutely free.

You see, it's my belief that two main things motivate us:

  • Fear

  • Pleasure

 Fear can lead to emotional constriction and the inability to move.  It can be projected into your future (often based on negative past experiences), making you unable to act and move towards the things you truly want and desire. Pleasure as a motivator is compelling... Creating more positive connections, new pleasurable experiences and happy moments even in the simplest way in our life, can begin to TRANSFORM  it.  Creating pleasure can look like making and enjoying dinner while listening to your favorite music, or writing by a warm crackling fire that can set the mood to imprint your future visions. Clearly, awakening your pleasure matrix by having more positive, healthier thought patterns for your brain = more productivity, creativity and happiness for your life.


Why Hollee?

I am fully committed to my clients and have been for over two decades.  Many coaching clients have worked remotely with me over the past ten years to help launch their business, find their purpose after divorce/loss, an empty nest, or many other of life's circumstances.  Sometimes they just trust that there are synchronicities and that the 'universe', or their best friend who recommended contacting me, said to just take the first step and book a session— and they listened... And they saw how opening up to unmatched support and opportunity can change their lives for the better. Like them, I too will be checking up on you.  And I’ll encourage you.  I'll celebrate you and I’ll also hold you accountable. And I'll encourage you to stay real and be in touch— because I'm here for you.


I'm ready.  How do we start life coaching?

To effectively coach you, and stay on progress, without losing focus, or momentum, I require 3 sessions per month at a time that fits both our schedules for the first 3 months. You will have the last week off at the end of each month to refresh and renew before we meet back for setting your new monthly goals. 

My fee for life coaching is currently $200.00/ per session. That may seem like a lot of money, but what is the cost of not moving forward with support and a proven plan every month? For a limited time, I'm offering $100 Off your first discovery session when you invest in a coaching package


What can I expect when coaching with Hollee?

At the end of each coaching session, you'll be much clearer—and I might even give you some simple homework, so you’ll be expected to have more breakthroughs before our next session.

And there may be journaling, mind mapping, fun dream visioning, or self-practice I'll recommend to keep you connected, lifted and focussed in between your sessions. Because the purpose of our work together is to move you forward — To experience your own personal creative power and shifts.To tap into the collective energy of support that is here for you, and to see the change for yourself, while accomplishing your goals.


What do you get for your investment?

 What you get is one on one focused attention on you and your current life goals.   Unmatched intuitive clarity, compassion, motivation, accountability and a proven clear plan of action that I've used with numerous clients across the globe. You'll also receive ongoing support to keep you focussed with my proven goal mapping for success.  


How long are the coaching sessions?

Every session is a full 50 minutes—you’ll come to my office, or we'll meet over the phone and we'll uncover whats most important that session. It’s not like a therapy session - it’s a coaching session.  Which means that when you share, I'll ask you questions that will awaken you and we'll find new ways of healing your old patterns so that you can begin to live more freely: recognizing your triggers, releasing the stuff thats holding you back and move you into a transformational powerful shift for your own personal  fulfillment.  You'll be actively working, witnessing and being motivated by your goals that are more important than any current set back, or fear that has been limiting you.  You will be changing your 'old story' and moving into fresh new opportunities - a paradigm shift that welcomes your active participation and your ability to DREAM BIG...

How do I know if coaching is for me?

•               Have you lost your focus?

•               Are you comparing yourself to others only to feel unmotivated and stuck?

•               Have you lost yourself and want to find what makes you feel alive again?

•               Are you open to discovering what makes you happy now?

•               Do you want to wake up and feel passion and alive in your relationships?

•               Do you want to create a new loving relationship that supports your personal growth and your future goals?

•               Do you want a purpose in your life that can give you abundance, connection and prosperity doing what you love?

•               Do you want meaningful work, or want to create a successful business that is more in alignment with who you are and where you're going? 

If this sounds like you —Then you’ll benefit from a life coaching session. All it takes is one step, today.

The first step is always yours to make.

When you’re ready, I’m just a click away and you can book an in-person session, or over the phone and we'll meet soon. Just click the button below, And you’ll be taken to a scheduling page where you can book your first 50 minute introductory discovery coaching session. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Note: Clients paying in cash receive $100 off. Please contact Hollee directly