Hear what Hollee's Client's are saying about her: 

"I have been working with Hollee for over three years. I've worked with many intuitive and psychic individuals, but no one has ever compared to her readings:  She's honest, caring, gentle, never judgemental, and always spot on; Hollee is my go-to person for all my important decisions. Over the years, she has given me the most valuable and sound advice for love and career that I've ever had. It's a crazy-good experience to work with someone who is so intuitive, and who always tells you what you need to hear (but not always what you want to hear). I always leave our readings feeling pumped, energized, and inspired about my life: what's already here, and what's coming. I have recommended her to many friends, and they always come back to me blown away, and incredibly grateful." — Dani S., San Francisco.


"I met Hollee about four years ago, and I'm so grateful for the coaching she's given me. She has helped me discover what really makes me happy and has given me the confidence to go after it! Her ideas and enthusiasm have helped me stick to me goals. I now own a small business, and am beginning to launch another one in the summer that I'm really excited about. Hollee's vision and practical steps have made me see my true potential." — Maria L., Vancouver


"I went to see Hollee and it was the most unbelievable loving experience. She gave me a message from my grandpa (who passed on) and her message perfectly described our relationship. Hollee has predicted so many wonderful things that have happened (just as she said they would) since my reading." — Julie N. Portland


"Hollee, you have an innate ability to see, hear and feel what I think and dream of from my past, present and future emotions and thoughts. You gave me your own personal touch as to the possibilities of my choices, and made me feel very comfortable and empowered. You felt and saw what I have been needing to do to make me whole and happy. Thank you so much.” — Peter W., Los Angeles


“Hollee working with you has been an incredibly powerful tool personally and professionally. We were ready to accept what we thought was a great offer for our internet company. You told us to wait six months. You were right and we are very gratefu! Thanks for being so accurate. We waited to sell and it was worth it!”  — Bill C., Dallas


I must say that it is a rare treat to come across someone who is so intuitive and so affirmative on so many levels. I feel you were spot on in so many ways and after your reading I came away with so much greater clarity and a feeling of inspiration for the journey ahead. You really are an awesome psychic coach."

— Steve N., United Kingdom